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Steps for Writing a First Draft of an Essay. Take a closer look at your assignment and the topic if it. Do reread the draft several times and return to the requirements of your assignment and topic if you...

  • Steps for Writing a First Draft of an Essay
  • Common Mistakes When Writing a First Draft of an Essay
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The structure of an essay draft

Before drafting the body of an essay, take a careful look at your introduction, focusing especially on your thesis sentence. What does the thesis promise readers? Try to keep this focus in mind.


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Building a strong essay draft requires going through a logical progression of stages: Explanation. Development options.

  • Building a strong essay draft requires going through a logical progression of stages:
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  • Here are some ways of linking paragraphs.
  • Here are some options for writing a strong conclusion:

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Writing essay drafts. Writing the first draft. Write a rst, rough draft of your essay, using the points made in your plan as the basis for paragraphs or sections.

What is drafting and redrafting?

A draft is a more complete version of your essay written in paragraph form.. What you can hope to produce in a draft is a rough version of how your final essay will look.

  • How can my computer help me with drafting and re-drafting?

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