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judge Definition, Training, Responsibilities, Facts Britannica

His first assignment is to a low-level court; thereafter he works his way up the judicial ladder as far as he can until his retirement with a government pension. His promotions and assignments depend...

  • Professional judges in the civil-law tradition

Administrative Judges Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida

...53, Division 8 Assignment County Specialized Judicial Assistant Laurie McGee.. Courtroom 3 Sub Division 08, Division 4 Assignment Juvenile Delinquency Judicial Assistant Lynn Harasti.

  • Orange County Booking and Release Center

Judicial Branch Definition, Examples, Cases, Processes

Judicial Branch defined and explained with examples. Judicial Branch is the branch of government. The term judicial branch refers to the branch of the U.S. government responsible for interpreting...

  • Judicial Branch Example Involving a Federal District Judge

What Are the Powers of the Judicial Branch of BrightHub Education

The Judicial Branch of government interprets the constitutionality of laws. It was established by Article 3 of the United States Constitution. Following is a summary of Article 3.

  • What are the Powers of the Judicial Branch?
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JUDICIAL PROCESS 2 Alternatives to Traditional Prosecution The primary aim of traditional prosecution is to hold offenders accountable, prevent crime and ensure public safety through...

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Judicial Learning Center

The Judicial Learning Center is a proud recipient of a 2012 Spirit of Justice Award. Recipients can be lawyers, non-lawyers and/or organizations who have demonstrated accomplishment, leadership...

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