Student assignments

View and navigate your assignments student Office Support

Learn how to view your assignments in a class team. Check due dates, status, and assignment details.

  • View and navigate your assignments (student)
  • View and sort assignments within one class

Common Questions About Assignments Blackboard Help

Student Questions About Assignments in Learn. Why can't I open my assignment? For help with issues such as this one, you should contact your instructor or the help desk at your school.

  • How do I check that my assignment was submitted?
  • How do I edit or resubmit an assignment?
  • How do I know if my assignment has been graded?
  • Is a group assignment the same as a regular assignment?

Google Classroom Tip #43 48 Ways to Manage Student Assignments

Distribute Student Work/Homework Use Classroom to distribute student assignments or homework to all students, groups of students, or individual students. Diversify Student Submissions Create...

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  • How Playtime with STEM Toys Makes Kids Smart
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Assistive Technology
  • Why Mobile Technology Enhances Instruction

Create an assignment in Microsoft Teams Office Support

Create assignments for your students in Microsoft Teams. Manage assignment timelines, instructions, adding resources to turn in, and more.

  • Don't assign students added to this class in the future
  • Post assignment notifications to this channel

Using Assignment MoodleDocs

What options are there for submitting work in Moodle?The standard ways students can submit assignments are: File submissions (students submit a file for assessment) Online text (students can type thei...

  • What options are there for submitting work in Moodle?
  • How do students submit their assignments?
  • Which type of assignment submission suits you best?
  • Keeping records (archiving, exporting, backing up)

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