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A patent assignment is a part of how to patent and idea and is an irrevocable agreement for a patent owner to sell, give away. If you have a U.S. patent, record your patent assignment with the USPTO.

  • Do I Have to File a Patent Assignment if the Owner's Name Changed?
  • What if I Make a Mistake on My Patent Assignment?
  • Patent Assignment: Everything You Need to Know
  • Examples of What Happens When You File a Patent Assignment vs. When You File a Patent License

The Process of Patent Assignment

You can assign the ownership of a patent application or patent. For all U.S. patents, assignments are recorded with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Assignment Services...

  • Selling or Transferring a Patent Ownership

Patent Assignment Patent Trademark Blog IP QA

A patent assignment is a simple document where each inventor acknowledges that the patent application. The executed assignment is recorded with the Assignments division of the USPTO.

  • Who owns the patent rights (who is the patent applicant)?
  • What if you cant get the inventor to sign the assignment?
  • What a USPTO patent examiner really thinks
  • Can others file the same patent in a different country?

Assignment documents now publicly available through USPTO website

As just one example, executed patent or patent application assignments prevent employee. Assignment documents are available through the USPTO patent assignment search page.

  • Will Spotify's expensive US copyright shortcut be its coda? *
  • Who owns what: finding patent assignment information *
  • Assignment documents now publicly available through USPTO website
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Who Owns What Patent Assignment and Ownership

Why does patent ownership matter? Who owns a patent developed by employees or service providers? How do I make sure my company owns these patents?

  • Who Owns What: Patent Assignment and Ownership
  • How do I make sure my company owns these patents?
  • How to Protect Your Invention in Multiple Countries
  • Using Continuation Applications Strategically

USPTO Patent Fees Neustel Law Offices

Below are the USPTO fees for U.S. patent applications and patents. The fees below do not include patent attorney fees. To determine if you are a Large Entity, Small Entity or Micro Entity...

  • D. Petition to Revive Abandoned Patent Application
  • Original Patent Filing Fees (Base Fees).
  • Additional Patent Filing Fees (If Applicable).
  • Extension of Time Fees for Response to Office Action.

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